Smart Personal Protective Systems for firefighters by 2017! 



Every year, more than 100 firefighters lose their lives whilst saving others. The Smart@fire (2012-2017) project wants to reduce the risks inherent to firefighting.

To reduce these risks, innovative ICT-solutions need to be developed and integrated into smart Personal Protective Systems. The current ICT-solutions available on the market do not yet provide full satisfaction.

Based on a large scale needs assessment of 961 fire brigades the innovation potential from the procurer’s side has been identified. To increase the safety of the firefighters they are looking for innovative technologies:

  • Sensors to measure environmental parameters and vital body functions
  • Localization systems to determine the  position
  • Data transfer and visualization systems to better assess situations

All those innovations will have to be integrated in the Personal Protective Equipment of fire fighters.

In the second phase, the so-called Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), the goal is to develop prototypes, with financial support from the European Commission, that meet the innovation expectations.

You can find our brochure here. 


Phased approach

Our approach consists of three stages:

Phase I - Market Consultations

Market consultations where potential suppliers and procurement officers can engage with each other. Following market consultations have been organized for the Smart@fire project:

  • Brussels, 10-11 September 2013 & 10 October 2013 (wrap-up)
  • Marseille, 17-18 September 2013
  • Dortmund, 1-2 October 2013

The second day of each of these sessions was focused on the integration of the ICT-solutions into the PPS. For documents and presentations given during the sessions, please click here.

Based upon the findings of the market consultations, the procurers (IBZ, IWT and SDIS13) discussed and decided upon the focus of the intended procurement. In June 2014, the European Commission approved the final tender. The conclusions of the market consultations are situated on three levels:

  • a smart PPS is highly innovative for the end users
  • a smart PPS holds a high innovation potential from technological perspective
  • significant research and development effort is needed to reduce the risks associated with to the technologically innovative elements to enable the high-value use-cases for the end-users, firefighters and officers

Phase II - Pre-Commercial Procurement

This PCP Phase is aimed at the development of working prototypes and a test range of Personal Protective Systems with integrated ICT-solutions, all with a view to eventual large-scale production. In June 2014, the tender, which was approved by the European Commission, was sent out to 79 potential candidates.

Updates on the PCP Phase are summarized here.

Phase III - Commercial Procurement

Based upon positive test results, EU fire and rescure services will be enabled to purchase the developed smart ensembles.


Project Overview

The Smart@fire project (2012-2017) consists of seven workpackages (WPs): 

  • WP1: Preliminary study
  • WP2: Innovation platform
  • WP3: Joint PCP, development of prototypes
  • WP4: Preparation of joint final procurement
  • WP5: Methodology consolidation
  • WP6: Dissemination of project and methodology
  • WP7: Consortium & project management

More info on the work packages