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Hot Sauce from Cape Town | Chilli sauce recipe

The Hottest Hot Sauce in South Africa | Making the Best Chillie Sauce recipe

Hot Sauce made by a Dutchman? Ard Heinkens tells us about entrepreneurship in South Africa. What challenges are there and which unique opportunities are there in Cape Town and South Africa. Ard tells us about his Mascoville Habanero- and Chilie hot sauce recipe.

This sauce is made in Cape Town, South Africa. Ard decided to use only the best chillie and habanero peppers in this recipe. Up until now, 9 out of 10 people recognise this sauce to be one of the best they have ever tasted. Visit the chilli sauce page on to find out more.


The hottest and most tasty sauce

Mascoville is a combination of words that many people associate with a hot sauce. A ‘scoville unit’ is the unit that expresses the hotness of chillie peppers. The word ‘mas’ means ‘more’ in Spanish. Together it spells out Mas Scoville or Mascoville. So the name means ‘More Hotness’ in an way. The three keywords are Hot, Fresh and Pure. That is what the Cape Town Campany Mascoville Original Habanero stands for. Only hand-made sauces with fresh peppers from the Western Cape. Check the the Hot Sauce Website and order up!